Real World Data for an Online World

Real World Data is a world apart from typical digital data sets. It's built with fact-based, location-centered data. And it provides a deeper understanding of the people you're targeting. There is no dependency on cookies that can be erased and can't be "cleared." Real World Data is rooted in the material world, and doesn't rely on inferences or faulty models. If you need data that really performs, get real: ALC Digital's Real World Data.

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The Promise of Performance

Since 1978, the nation's top brands have depended on ALC for audience access. Why? ALC Data performs. And ALC Digital Audiences carry on in that proven tradition. They're based on Real World/Ground-Truth data – data that's linked to hundreds of individual attributes, data that's location/fact-based, not modeled or inferred, allowing for exact targeting. It's vetted and verified data. ALC Digital Audiences also leverage exclusive data partnerships that provide information unavailable anywhere else. You can count on ALC Data – both on line and off – to deliver superior performance – campaign after campaign, year after year.


ALC Digital Audiences are available through the major digital data exchanges, including Oracle/BlueKai, eXelate and Lotame. Our audiences can also be directly synced with most platforms. Additionally, ALC offers digital data licenses.

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Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
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