The Alternative Fuel for Automotive Marketers

ALC Auto+ is the only multi-sourced, double-verified, garage level, Real World Data for auto, boat and motorcycle owners. ALC Auto+ is the reliable alternative for vehicle marketers that have long demanded fact-based, not inferred data.

Our data collection and verification process makes the difference. ALC Auto+ is rebuilt every month, leveraging a multitude of proprietary sources and known ownership records, ensuring the data is of utmost accuracy for make, model, year and more. For many years, this data has proven to out-perform all other automotive files for counts and response rates. ALC Auto+ is certainly worth a test drive.

Data Sources & Segments

ALC Auto+ leverages numerous proprietary and exclusive transactional sources, including access to Lexis Nexis' linkage process and vast data warehouse.


  • Sales & Service Data
  • Automobile Warranty Data
  • Aftermarket Repair & Maintenance Facilities
  • Auto Warranty Notifications
  • Scheduled Maintenance Records


  • Vehicle Specifications: Make, Model
  • Vehicle Style Code: Convertible, Pickup, Luxury, Coupe, etc.
  • Vehicle Class Code: Small SUV, Fill Size Van, Mid-Size Truck, etc.
  • Vehicle Fuel Code: Ethanol, Hybrid, Diesel, Gas, etc.
  • Boat Type & Size: Cabin Cruiser, Sailboat, Pontoon, etc.

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Michael Lombardi
Michael Lombardi
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