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Political Precision provides the most comprehensive and current voter data available. It's powered by Aristotle, enhanced by ALC and has fueled every successful U.S. Presidential campaign for decades. With Political Precision, you can influence the exact constituents you need, with precise messages that compel them to act.

Political Precision enables you to leverage an unprecedented array of individual insights from current voting history to issue affinity – utilizing the most current voter data available. It is rigorously updated monthly to include the newest registrants by geography, in every district, in every state.

Data Sources & Segments

Political Precision data is culled from the most up-to-date records and sources – even from the most obscure regions.


  • State & County-Level Registered Voter Files
  • Census Data
  • Election Return Data
  • Proprietary Lifestyle & Issue Data
  • Social Profiles


  • Political Districts: Congressional, State Senate, State House
  • Party Affiliation: Democrat, Republican, Independent, Third Parties
  • Voting History: Frequent Primary/General Election Voters, Presidential Election Year Only Voters, Early/Absentee Voters, Newly Registered Voters
  • Issues & Causes: 2nd Amendment Supporters/Opposition, Affordable Care Act Supporters/Opposition, Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Supporters, Tax Reform Supporters and many more
  • Demographics: Income, Gender, Age, Ethnicity, Religion, Marital Status, Occupation, etc.

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Michael Lombardi
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