Earn Significant Income from your Existing Website Traffic and Email Registrations

ALC Match Partner Network (MPN) generates additional income by monetizing your EXISTING website traffic and email opens, without cannibalizing your current revenue streams.

What is a Match Partner?

A Match Partner is an organization who digitizes postal and email data for digital conversion and utilization by marketers and their agencies for digital, or online, advertising. They constantly need to increase and refresh their pool of online IDs associated with postal and email data to optimize match rates. That's why the email and website registration data is so valuable to them and why they pay Publishers for access to it.


We've done the legwork to establish an extensive and proprietary network of Match Partners. That means ALC can maximize revenue to our clients. Plus, our integration process is simple and 100% privacy compliant.

Benefits of Match Partner Network

Incremental Revenue without Cannibalization

There's absolutely no impact to your personal audience data or existing programs as you generate additional income every month.

Simple & Easy

No additional effort or processes needed from you. We only need a small amount of IT time to place a tracking pixel on your site.

You'll Be in Good Company

We work with dozens of other highly regarded publishers who participate in the Match Partner Network.

Secure & Compliant

Our process ensures 100% security.

A True Revenue Partnership

As we make money from Match Partners, you make money.

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Director, Business Development