How It Works

Unlimited data input (web browsing behavior)
Unlimited media/channel output
Unlimited strategic- vs. tactical-thinking

Leverages the Power of Direct Mail

Remarketable combines the unparalleled response rates, deliverability (>93%), scoring, modeling and accountability of direct mail with the intent-to-buy relevance and timing of digital display retargeting.

Direct Mail Produces Significantly Better Response than Internet Display.

Direct Mail
Paid Search
Social Media
Internet Display

Enables Remarketing Automation

Remarketable provides a self-service portal for organizations to develop and implement remarketing campaigns from their desktops.

  • Remarketable portal allows marketers to conceive and run campaigns on the fly.
    • Capitalize on real-time opportunities
    • Inventory management
    • Overstock liquidation
    • Flash sales
  • Website content (graphics and other artwork, offers, testimonials, etc.) can be downloaded from website and stored for integration into remarketing communications (mail, email display ads, etc.)
  • Create robust campaign rules and triggers for optimization of campaigns.
  • Machine learning leads to continuous improvement in campaign productivity.
  • Advanced scoring algorithms are used to qualify prospects for remarketing; identify optimum segments.
  • Ongoing multivariate tests varying offers, incentives, timing, frequency, duration and creative.
  • Predictive scoring gets better as campaigns go on - scale campaign to just top performing prospects - or widen scope for more reach.

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Andrew Fegley
President, Remarketable