Trigger Mail

Trigger Mail allows marketers to customize real-time direct mail and email campaigns based on web visit browsing behavioral data, integrated and modeled with third-party demographic interest, lifestyle and trigger data.

From Web BrowsingFrom Web Browsing...

  • Develop personalized direct mail and email based on key behavioral "triggers" including geo-location, pages/products viewed, time on site and shopping cart interaction
  • Customize and enhance with 3rd party data

to Customized Mail/ Customized Mail/Email

  • Tailor copy, design and messaging with readily available brand assets
  • Leading edge modeling and scoring optimize performance
  • Machine learning provides continuous improvement in channel selection, timing and sequencing

Trigger Mail in Action

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Dynamically-Generated, Customized Creative
Derived from Web Browsing Data Browsing...

Instant InsightsInvaluable Insights

Remarketable's Smart Tags convert key behavioral triggers (e.g., geo-location, pages/products viewed, time on site, shopping cart interaction) into meaningful messaging opportunities.

Augmented AnalyticsAdvanced Analytics

Remarketable Trigger Mail gets smarter with each campaign. That's because each campaign is designed, not only to drive transactions, but to generate useful performance information that can be exploited for continuous improvement.

Recency RedefinedRecency Redefined

In modern marketing, time is of the essence. Remarketable enables display and mobile ads to be run in minutes. Email can be deployed in hours. And direct mail can be sent in a day. Finally, real-time direct marketing is here.

How It Works

Privacy by Design

Patent-pending Remarketable process has been carefully built and rigorously vetted to ensure it meets or exceeds leading industry codes and principles.

  • No single human or machine can connect anonymous site visit information to the PII used to deliver the direct mail or email.
  • Strict legal, logical and operational controls segregate anonymous site visit data from PII.
  • Site visit data is matched only to an anonymous identifier.
  • PII is held by trusted "black box" service providers, with no access to site visit data.
  • Remarketable processes are modeled after NAI Code.
  • Remarketable respects Consumer Notice & Choice Standards.
  • Partners are required to provide clear, meaningful, prominent notice describing data use.
  • Remarketable respects Consumer Choice through industry sanctioned opt-out choices.

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President, Remarketable